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I know it’s been a long time since we’ve sent out a blog post but I’m back at it and want to talk about something that has seriously changed how we do business.

There’s always that fear when you let go of the reigns a little that you lose control over your business.

In reality, letting go of the things you SHOULDN’T be doing gives you more control over the really important stuff. Like making sales, working directly with clients, creating content or products!

I’ve got a series of articles about exactly how we’ve changed our business in the past 3 months for the better and how you can too!

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I hope to see you over at there.

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An experienced marketer of many years Brian as gained his experience by long hours and getting his hands "dirty". Today he concentrates upon Affiliate Marketing for his online income. This website is focused on helping anyone with a genuine desire to start making money online. Not with "pie in the sky" scams or false promises but with solid help and advice gained from practical experience.

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