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Managing Multiple Websites with CMS Commander

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CMS Commander for Multiple Website Control 

Managing a couple of websites is fairly easy however if like me you have more then you know how time consuming it can be. Is it time you started to see how much stress free time you can save by checking out CMS Commander yourself?

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be a hassle. While WordPress as a CMS is easy and simple to manage, dealing with multiple admin panels can get increasingly difficult and time-consuming very fast.

Multiple sites require you to update plugins and themes individually and keep track of everything else from core updates to regular backups. Fortunately, there are many services for WordPress that make tackling this particular issue a lot simpler and save you a ton of time while making everything a lot more manageable.

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I have tried and subscribed to several over the last few years but keep coming back to CMS Commander.


CMS Commander makes managing multiple WordPress sites much easier and faster – but does not stop there! We also provide you with powerful tools to create content, optimize articles and improve your earnings. Read on to learn more or get started immediately with a FREE Trial!

Instant Access. 30 Day Trial. Cancel Anytime.


 1-Click Updates

Install the latest version of WordPress and update all your plugins and themes on any number of blogs with a single click.

 Bulk Posting

The powerful content editor built into CMS Commander allows you to create new posts or pages on any number of blogs simultaneously.

 Bulk Install Plugins

One of the biggest time-savers: Install and activate new plugins or themes on any number of your blogs in one go! More details →

 Copy Blog Settings

Copy all WordPress options as well as the settings of some of the most popular plugins from one blog to all your other sites.

 Manage User Accounts

Bulk create new users on multiple WordPress blogs, delete old accounts or edit the details of your blog users.

 Manage Content & Comments

Easily publish drafts on all your blogs, approve or delete new comments, clear out comment spam on all your sites and more!

Instant Access. 30 Day Trial. Cancel Anytime.


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