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a couple of months ago

Growing Your Email List

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From..  Jay (of Wealthy Affiliate)

The Simplicity of Growing Your Email List



How many times do you check your inbox?
Email is (and always will be) a powerful tool.

From Brand building to gaining trust with your readers, email marketing is a wonderful way to expand your conversions.

But the process can be overwhelming if influenced with shiny email building tools!

Join Jay (recorded Friday, January 27th)  where he will walk you through everything you need to know about Growing Your Email List and how simple it really can be!

This full video replay is yours to learn and enjoy courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate – there is no sales pitch only training and information on this vital topic.

Note: You may wish to skip the first 5 minutes of preamble 



You are welcome to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate with a free no obligation Starter Membership by clicking the banner below (I have been a member myself for many years and gets my full recommendation for anyone who wishes to learn and create an online income.

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Society 11 Membership

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What is Society11?



Here’s a quick review from fellow member Brian  – More Details Here =>>> Click Here <<<

Society11 is a private community of like-minded individuals and marketers who want to grow and develop their online businesses in an ethical way.

Founded by  Andy “The Honey Badger” Brocklehurst and his partner in crime, Curt “The Niffler” Crowley, they set out with a very simp-two part mission statement:

1) To create a proper community like we used to have in the early days of sites like the Warrior Forum.  Because that is what that was way back in the early 2000’s.  A place where you could get GOOD advice and build relationships and partnerships with other marketers.

2) To make it the best value Internet Marketing Membership… BAR NONE!

Society 11 Mission Statement

This is probably one of the best resources that Internet Marketing has going for it right now. I’ve gotten more value from the FB group posts alone, than you would see in ‘training’ courses for hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the sh*t ton of downloads in the member’s area. Great work guys!!

How Much is it to Join Society 11?

Society11 has a monthly fee.  But when you consider the amount of junk you’re going to stop wasting your money on every month it soon becomes apparent that it’s worth every penny.

Our end goal for Society11 is to be charging $67 – $97 a month (and many are telling us it’s already worth that), but right now it won’t cost you anywhere near that because you can lock in the low early-bird price for as long as you want to remain a member.

Join Society11 for just $47.11/month (You can lock in this price now if you join before the next increase later.) >>>Click Here<<<

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The Power of a WordPress Blog

“It Started on WordPress and Made This Author More than $100 Million…” by David Perdew

Last weekend, the second in author E.L. James series hit the box office.

The sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, did nearly $50 million at the box office crushing everything else except The LEGO Batman Movie.

With the release of her latest film, I thought it would be great to review how all this started with a blog post.

Grey birthed a new genre commonly known as “mommy porn”? The book’s genesis was as a story – not a very good one either – on a Twilight Fan Fiction site in 2010.

(Unfortunately, the author’s publisher has removed practically all traces of the early work on the Internet)

She quickly moved the story to a personal website ( which has since been rolled into her current author page at

The response was overwhelming. She began selling copies as an ebook of the early rendition and then quickly contracted with a print-on-demand paperback publisher.

The author’s FAQ page says:

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed were never self-published as these novels. An earlier version of this story began as Twilight fan fiction which was posted on the internet. The trilogy was picked up by an Australian publisher, The Writer’s Coffee Shop, who released them as e-books and print-on-demand paperbacks.

According to (

A tiny Australian publisher then released them as ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks, selling about 250,000 copies. Random House snapped up the rights in a seven-figure deal, rereleased the ebooks and made 50 Shades widely available in paperback for the first time — where it achieved stratospheric success.

Fast forward a year later and Fifty Shades of Grey was at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. Soon, it would be followed by two more Grey books, all in the top 10 list.

Just the list ma’am, just the list…
Remember Dragnet from the old days when Jack Webb played Sgt. Joe Friday. Look it up on IMDB kids.

Sgt. Friday’s favorite line delivered in a dry monotone was, “Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.”Continue reading

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MyNams Insider Club

Thank you for visiting – I appreciate your interest.


I know it’s been a long time since we’ve sent out a blog post but I’m back at it and want to talk about something that has seriously changed how we do business.

There’s always that fear when you let go of the reigns a little that you lose control over your business.

In reality, letting go of the things you SHOULDN’T be doing gives you more control over the really important stuff. Like making sales, working directly with clients, creating content or products!

I’ve got a series of articles about exactly how we’ve changed our business in the past 3 months for the better and how you can too!

Check it out! MyNams Click Here

I hope to see you over at there.

Try the MyNAMS Insiders Club for 14 days for only $1! – Click Here

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