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My New Email System – ActiveCampaign

I’ve been wary of saying too much about this because I got all enthusiastic about GetResponse – which looks great on the surface, and is obviously perfectly fine for thousands of people – but when I looked under the hood and started designing real workflows and thinking about future scenarios – well, I can only conclude that their underlying data model “evolved”, rather than being properly designed from the start.

That means there are some pretty bad “gotchas” in their setup.

So, after being very upbeat about GetResponse and then becoming so disappointed by it, I was wary of getting hyper about my new system before digging into it in some depth.

Well, I’ve done that for long enough, and my verdict is

Five Stars!

The system I’m using is Active Campaign. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link, of which more later.)

I will write a lot more about Active Campaign, but for now, I am NOT saying ditch your current email service, but suggest when you are looking to upgrade or getting dissatisfied with your current provider you check out Active Campaign.

The fact is 99% of internet marketers only need the very bottom end of their plans (their Lite plan – $17 per month for 1,000 leads), which stands comparison with the higher-priced plans of most of the normal email service providers in terms of functionality AND cost.

Oh – and an interesting and revealing fact is that they provide a FREE conversion service for people using InfusionSoft: that’s the level of functionality to expect (but with a MUCH better interface).

So all that is Good!

The Bad part? Honestly, there’s nothing of note that’s bad. They don’t “like” totally 100% spammy emails – so be sure you provide valuable and interesting content; which you should be doing anyway!

The Unfortunate part?

Their affiliate commissions are rubbish! Dammit!

Anyway – if you’re in the market for an email service provider, sign up using this link – Active Campaign – so that I don’t miss out on those massive $1.70 per month commissions!! So I’ll never be able to buy a yacht and live on a remote paradise island for a long time yet. Double Dammit!!!!!

Make Your Own Comparison of these popular Email Service Providers…..




Note: They all offer a trial period – so try before canceling your current service.  I Have used all the above at one stage or another (but I don’t recommend constant switching.)

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With ActiveCampaign you’ll get a higher return from your marketing and sales processes. Your conversion rate will increase as you send targeted, personalized messages that align with your contacts’ interests. You’ll have more loyal customers, more repeat orders, and more referrals as you nurture a strong relationship throughout all stages of the customer lifecycle.


An experienced marketer of many years Brian as gained his experience by long hours and getting his hands "dirty". Today he concentrates upon Affiliate Marketing for his online income. This website is focused on helping anyone with a genuine desire to start making money online. Not with "pie in the sky" scams or false promises but with solid help and advice gained from practical experience.

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