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Hi! My name is Brian Allerton and I live in central England, UK.  I am the father of three children ​- which I raised myself, as a single parent,  when I became divorced (with  the help and support of my parents).  They have all left home now and I live alone; although I do have a long time girlfriend. We both love to travel the world and have visited Egypt, USA, Brazil, Europe, China to name a few! We also share an interest in history and I have researched my family tree. I have a love for almost all types of music and contemporary art (especially the art work of Jeff Rowland.) Plus watching and occasionally performing magic is another one of my various hobbies & interest. You can also often find me watching and laughing at a classic comedy film of Laurel & Hardy on TV.  Which often makes me wonder how I find time to make a living as an affiliate marketer!!


I have been online since around 2002, or that is when I registered my first domain - www.allerton-online.co.uk - the domain is "resting" at the moment​.  It was around this time I first started or attempted to make money online. In those days there were many scams and false promises of "make money overnight without doing anything. Just send $$$ for overnight "riches". And YES I did fall for it more than once 🙂

The first time I did make a little money was via GDI  (Global Domain International), followed with short lived spans with TWR (Team Work Revolution),  NPN (GlobalNPN ) and all was going well. However all these plans were Multilevel Marketing (MLM) plans which means you get paid a commission on those you recruited and their downline.  Which means eventually you are dependent on those you recruit and so on down the line. Great but you are dependent on the efforts of those under you. To succeed in this type of business you need drive and determination. I was successful for a while with over 200 in my downline but come the global recession 2008-9 business started to decrease.  It was at this stage I realised to be successful on line I should not be dependent upon others, but rather work for myself and turned my back on  MLM, which some also consider it to be a form of pyramid selling. However I do not claim any of the above businesses are illegal.

For the last 7 years I have  focused on Affiliate Marketing and for the last two years this as been my main source of income. I retired from my full time position as a Production Planner in 2014 after 26 years service.  Starting this year I want to share my experience and help the new comer to start making money online themselves. Whilst the industry has changed there are still many scams ready to exploit your inexperience so I advise you to take caution and think twice.  I have a policy that I only recommend or advise if it is something I currently use or do myself. The exceptions being a product or service I have outgrown (but are still ideal for the novice) or if it's brand new - then something I have faith in due to past experience with the vendor.

​I can only do so much and give you the advice and information you need, however you will have to do the work - I can't do it for you. Not a problem if you take action yourself and put in the necessary effort. I hope that you follow through and reach success. Failing to take action is the #1 reason for failure. If I can help please get in touch. No question is stupid and I will always try to help and advise.

​Please feel free to contact me via my contact page here ===>>> Click Here

Please note: Yes I am an Affiliate Marketer and therefore some links/recommendations may result in a commission from the vendor. This is normal practice and will not affect your purchase. Furthermore I will always try to offer the best advice at all times irrespective of any potential commission. If you have any doubts or questions please get in touch. Thanks, Brian ​

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