Hi! I live in the UK & the father of three children – which I raised myself, as a single parent. Now adults with families of their own I am blessed with 6 grandkids!

I have a long time girlfriend and we both love to travel the world, Having visited Egypt, USA, Brazil, Europe, China, Vietnam & Malaysia to name a few! We also share an interest in history and I have started researching my family tree.

I have a love for almost all types of music and I also enjoy watching and (occasionally) performing magic as another one of my many various hobbies & interest. You can also find me laughing at a classic comedy film of Laurel & Hardy at home on my TV. All this often makes me wonder how I find time to make a living as an affiliate marketer!!

I enjoy life and invite you to get in touch if I can help you in any way. Regards, Brian 

My objective is to highlight products and services for the internet marketer and/or affiliate. I will recommend those I believe will help you and your endeavours to make money online. In fact I will go further and state any product featured here must fulfil one of the following:

  1. It has been purchased, tested and I have personally used the product or service myself.
  2. In some circumstances the product or service has been purchased/tested & used by myself; however I have either upgraded or switched to an alternative. But still recommend and in some cases are better suited for reasons of simplicity or cost.
  3. The product may be brand new – and therefore has not been tried & tested. In which case I recommend based upon past experience of the vendor and advance reviews.

Why this is Important. On the web today you will find all sorts of products and with a wide range of value. You can be assured I state my reputation on only the best – and will not be biased – even by commissions or promotional incentives. Yes, of course, I am an affiliate marketer and will receive a potential commission if you purchase via my links, however, this will NOT affect my judgement. In other words, I don’t recommend unless I have personally tried/tested and have used myself. If it’s not good enough for me then it's not good enough for YOU and  therefore won’t be featured here.

If you have any query or just seek my opinion/advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. For now, thank you for visiting and enjoy the rest of your stay! Regards. Brian